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August 18, 2018 Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day photos 

with Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Melvin Morris CLICK HERE

Commander and Presidents dinner 6/9/2018

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CLICK HERE to view the photos of the 40th and 35th Anniversary party!

Bea Hornby's 100th Birthday party


August 27th Spaghetti Dinner

Just a few pictures of a great turnout

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                        VFW POST 8696 FRENCH LEGION OF HONOR MEDAL RECIPIENTS                       Herb Brucker & Nemo Farmer

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Memorial day 2015

I have heard more than a few times recently, "Where the heck is Herb? Is he OK?"
Well, Herb is just fine, with the help of David Lydon who found Herbs long lost Sister, Herb has been reunited with her for a long overdue reunion!
It just happens that it is in Las Vegas! To say Herb is having a blast is an understatement!!

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                                                          Big band music of the 40's and 50's by, "The Sound"                                                              (click thumbnail to view larger photo)

VFW Post 8696 Stand down 3/29/2014

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